Peer Networking

NDUR connects student athletes with other athletes anonymously, across multiple campuses, providing a judgement-free space where athletes can engage in authentic and open discussions.



Connects Athletes on Similarities

Student athletes share very unique and similar life experiences. NDUR provides the tools to instantly connect them with each other. Filters include specific challenges, sport, injuries, ethnicity, orientation, area of study/major, and grad year.


Group Chat 

NDUR facilitates the ability for athletes to form meaningful connections, and “talk” with each other in a judgement free environment. Discussions on any topic can be created for the entire community to participate. Athlete’s can search for topics of interest, and join discussions that are relevant to them. They can also break off into smaller private groups or individual conversations.



Pro-Active Daily Support


The NDUR app automatically provides a daily personalized Game Plan, along with access to an extensive  library of resources – the  NDUR Playbook . Athletes can “check-in” at any time during their busy day, and get suggestions and recommendations instantly: take a mindfulness break, join a group chat, watch a funny video, or try a meditation just before a big game.

Student athletes have 24/7 finger-tip access to everything they need in one mobile hub.  


Connects to On-Campus Services

NDUR not only adds an enhanced layer of support to your current programs, but also connects your athletes instantly with your on-campus services and programs, via a custom branded screen for your institution. We can set this up to include links to counseling, third party mental health resources, campus/public safety, crisis hotlines, or any other service available in your student support eco-system. 


Identify Athletes in Need of Support

NDUR empowers institutions with actionable data about how their athletes are feeling. Easily identify mood trends and take appropriate action to support individual student athletes.