Match Up and Connect

nDUR is all about Community

Instantly connecting on-the-go student athletes with each other and a network of mentors.

Anonymous Peer Networking

nDUR allows student athletes with similar shared experiences to easily connect across multiple campuses and take part in authentic and natural discussions. It is a space that allows topics to surface themselves, all on common ground.

Matching Tools

Matching filters based on commonalities allow student athletes to instantly find and connect with each other and best-fit peer mentors within our network.

Powerful AI monitors chats to quickly identify both misuse and risk based language.

Group and Individual Chat

Talking about issues and challenges with others who have shared life experiences, even cultural similarities, can be extremely beneficial. After connecting with their peers, a student athlete can start a discussion on any topic for the entire community, eliciting responses and chats for the benefit of all.

Mentor Networking

nDUR also provides access to a network of mentors who are former NCCA athletes and have had similar life experiences. Athletes can view mentor profiles and book times to chat on-on-one, both synchronously, and asynchronously.

Discussion Boards

Reading and commenting in nDUR’s discussion boards are another therapeutic resource for student athletes.


Journaling can be an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle for better managing stress, anxiety, and mental health conditions. nDUR’s journaling tool can help athletes identify what’s causing stress or anxiety.