NDUR is the leader in peer support, exclusively for college athletes. 

Where college athletes around the country, bound by the passion for sports, come together to support each other’s journey.

NDUR brings together a diverse community of  student athletes to connect on common ground and shared experiences, helping each other on their journey to succeed on the field, in the classroom, and in life.

The NDUR community provides a safe, supportive and judgement-free space that fosters meaningful connections among student-athletes. where they can listen to each other, and openly share their stories, experiences, struggles, and successes.




NDUR empowers student athletes to advocate for themselves with peer connections, self-help tools and educational content, all in one convenient app, while pro-actively making health and wellness part of every athlete's daily routine. 










NDUR is changing the game by breaking the stigma, and eliminating feelings of isolation through peer support.

Mobile Powered Automation

Our proprietary technology provides the most effective way to access and engage with today's student athletes at a personal level. With our powerful communications automation, we improve student engagement, increasing retention and overall wellness of every student athlete.

Student Centric Experience

Today's digital generation demands seamless and convenient online experiences, via their phones.  If you are relying on last generation's communication methods like email and voice calls, you're probably realizing it isn't as effective anymore.

Measurable ROI

Access to accurate and meaningful engagement and satisfaction data means you can easily assess how well your student athletes are doing, and improving over time. We provide a variety of instantly accessible reports on total population, including the team, and ability to break out by gender.